Jewelry Aftercare

Caring for your pieces

Caring for gold-fill pieces:

Made by heat- and pressure-bonding a thick layer of 14k gold to a high-quality brass core, this option is highly durable, hypoallergenic and perfect for daily wear with minimal upkeep. Keep away from harsh chemicals (and remember to dry ’em off after contact with water)

Caring for gold vermeil pieces:

A thick layer of gold lovingly draped over a sterling silver core, gold vermeil is another hypoallergenic metal we love. You’ll want to baby these a bit more than you would gold-fill pieces (as this layer of gold isn’t pressure-bonded). Keep these pieces away from harsh chemicals, skincare products and fragrances, and be sure to dry them off immediately after any contact with water.

Caring for sterling silver pieces:

These icy pieces love being worn—the oils in our skin naturally clean and shine ’em up! Much like gold-fill, showers and gentle soaps won’t harm these hypoallergenic pieces (they can actually help remove any built-up residue). Stay away from hot tubs and pools, though, as they can discolor the metal and may require more upkeep than you wish.

 Caring for plated brass pieces:

Our electroplated brass pieces are a popular affordable option while imitating the look of real gold with their high shine. All our brass jewelry comes with a high quality electroplating. Electroplating is a process of applying a metal coating on an object. The intense plating process involves the metal to be plated passing an electrical current. These pieces are recommended to be removed during physical activities and during any contact with water. 

Caring for gold plated stainless steel:

Stainless steel has been taking over the internet lately is it is referred to as the go to metal for waterproof jewelry. It does not lose its color or tarnish even after regular contact with water. Jewelry made of stainless steel can therefore be worn in the shower without hesitation. The same applies to gold-plated stainless steel.